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Thank you for visiting Steelys® Straws! Located in beautiful San Francisco, California, Steelys Straws and Steelys Drinkware are exclusive brands and product lines of Eco Imprints, Inc. — an independent, green-certified company that designs and manufactures products, which leave a lighter imprint on the planet.

We appreciate you taking the time to review the following basic rules that govern your use of our website and our privacy and business policies. More information on our operations, procedures and products can be found within the very detailed FAQ section of our website. Please note that your use of our website constitutes your unconditional agreement to all policies, terms and conditions listed below. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us anytime at 415-558-8839 or info@SteelysDrinkware.com.


Ordering reusable straws from Steelys® is easy. Just contact us (through this website or via email or phone) and give us basic information on what you want. We’ll take it from there. For specific steps on how to order, click here.


All prices displayed on the Steelys Straw website are cited in U.S. dollars. Pricing covers costs for items either blank (unimprinted goods), or with laser engrave imprint, as detailed in pricing columns. Imprint set up costs and related freight and/or customs & duties costs are listed on the product page, as well. Sales tax currently applies only to orders delivering to California. We reserve the right to discontinue or change specifications and prices on the merchandise and services offered, without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to the customer. Products displayed on this website are available while supplies last. We specialize in factory-direct custom printed straws made to order and based on your specifications. We also offer “quick ship” blank or pre-printed straws that we ship out from our California HQ office. We may temporarily run out of stock of the “quick ship”products during periods of peak demand. If this were the case, these items would then be unavailable until we can secure more stock, usually within a few weeks at most. We will advise you of the situation and the estimated availability time is inventory issues arise. We can also provide other reusable steel straw product options that you might wish to consider, which could be delivered on a more timely basis. Steelys maintains the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or remove/edit content.

Steelys shall not be liable for any act beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts or negligence of third parties, equipment failure, unavailability of supplies or stock, strikes, lock-outs, war, fire, flood, or any other Act of God, any law, regulation, or other act or order of any court or governmental agency, or delays, unavailability, errors, or other failures of the Internet or other data networks.

Product & Imprint Color & Appearance

Most Steelys Straw products are available in unpainted brushed stainless steel (silver color). Some products are also available in a variety of base colors, as detailed in the product pages of this Web Site. We have made every effort to display products and colors that appear on the Steelys website as accurately as possible. However, the product delivered may deviate slightly from the image viewed on the website due to, but not limited to, the following factors: varying color calibrations of different computer monitors (the system capabilities of your computer monitor to display images and colors may not calibrate exactly to the capability of our monitors); different light sources or glare from our shiny silver product, or manufacturing processes and reasonable manufacturing variations. We offer product blank, with no imprint, but specialize in bulk orders of custom-printed straws. Our standard imprint method for Steelys Straws is laser engraving. With this process, a laser “burns” your graphics onto product. Laser engrave process is a more subtle, tone-on-tone imprint appearance. Graphics do not print as a color, but are laser marked permanently onto the steel straw. Because straws are relatively narrow, cylindrical objects, there are limitations on how large we can print on the straws. Due to minimal maximum imprint height, most logos are too large to print on straws, and we typically recommend custom orders use all upper case bold type imprints for best legibility. We provide digital virtual mock ups and proofs of what typography (or your supplied graphics) will look like when printed on product. The imprint delivered on finished goods may deviate slightly from virtual proofs provided, based on factors outlined above. Further, please note that laser engrave imprints delivered can vary slightly in tone and color, and while we do our best to approximate how it will look when finished in our virtual digital mock ups, it can be difficult to show exactly in proofs. We will review finished laser engraved projects to make sure they are scaled and sized correctly, placed in proper location, and that the text or graphics printed meet our standards for legibility.


If you have a straightforward typographic logo, or a logo that is simple horizontal mark with relatively consistent letter placement and heights, we may be able to print your logo as-is on our straws. Steelys inspects all art submitted to ensure that it will reproduce well on the straw item(s) you selected. In the event that the art is not usable to produce a quality imprint on our straw products, we will contact you with options. If your job requires standard type setting of a font we use that we found is very legible on a straw, we can do that no charge. If it requires significant image corrections, or professional design and production time is needed, then some art charges may apply. We will advise you of these charges, once we understand the scope of work involved. We provide a virtual digital mock up tool on each of the product pages of our website, which can provide a rough approximation and digital proof of your imprint. Additional final digital proof may additionally be required for final approval, depending on complexity of imprint and details of your order. Actual production time will begin after order pre-payment and approval of this art proof.


Steelys Straws is a leading business-to-business wholesale reusable steel straw supplier that sells straws in case quantities. We are not an online retailer, and we do not sell individual straws or individual straw set products to consumers. Each product has a minimum order requirement (see each product page for details), and minimum requirements vary by product. Minimum quantities, as well as discounts for larger quantities, are listed in the product pricing tables throughout the product pages of this website. In addition to minimum product order requirements, an overall minimum amount of $300 is required for any single transaction — however, some minimum orders listed on our website do not meet this total and we can waive this requirement at our discretion. Our minimum order policy allows us to cover our operational costs and keep our prices as low as possible.

Overrun/Underrun for Printed Straws

Steelys makes every attempt to ship exact quantities of custom products. Straws are pre-counted at our factory when we package goods, and typically packaged in clear poly bags, 100 straws per bag. Due to our post-production quality control efforts and imprint fine-tuning required for custom production, in very rare cases there is the potential for up to 5% over/under runs on bulk orders. However, we will only invoice you for the actual quantity shipped. If an invoice has been prepaid and we’ve under-delivered or over-delivered, we will adjust the amount and either refund the difference or bill you for the difference, whichever applies.

Warranty, Return & Cancellation Policy

Steelys is committed to providing you with great customer service, the finest laser imprinting, and top quality stainless steel straws. Despite our quality control efforts, on very rare occasions defective merchandise can slip through. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please call or email us immediately. Our staff will do what it takes to maintain your satisfaction. Steelys warrants its products for satisfactory workmanship and material on delivery of goods. Examples of defects from manufacturing include damaged or flawed goods, right out of the box, featuring a defect including a pinhole leak, bent straw tube, or misprint that is markedly different from approved imprint and beyond acceptable variation in professional printing standards. Normal wear and tear, including scratches, are not covered under warranty. Defective merchandise pieces will be replaced, either printed to spec, or blank, depending on availability. As a wholesale supplier our liability is limited to the invoice cost of the item and claims must be made and confirmed within 30 days of delivery with evidence to support your claim approved by our team. Problems with delivered goods are very rare, but if it occurs, our staff will need to inspect the defect or problem to review it after you contact us. Usually you can just email us a few photos to verify the problem. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Please understand that all printed products are customized based on your specifications and on your proof approvals. Once they are approved and manufactured or imprinted, the goods are not subject to cancellation or reduction, unless there is a defect in the product.

Shipping & Handling Charges

Prices listed on product page include categories for shipping & handling charges. For custom bulk straw orders, we typically ship direct from our factory overseas, to your door in continental USA. Freight costs listed for custom product orders include international air freight direct from our factory offshore, as well as customs and duties charges, and ground domestic delivery to 1 location in continental USA. We are a global supplier and also deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, other U.S. territories, and other locations outside the USA, but additional freight, duties, and customs charges may apply, which will vary by order & delivery details. We also offer and list separate pricing columns for “quick ship” un-imprinted, or pre-printed, product sent from our offices in California. Product shipping from our office is typically shipped via USPS priority boxes, or UPS ground service. For very high quantity orders, over 20,000 units, we may be able to negotiate freight savings by consolidating or palletizing the shipment and using direct truck service to save you more money. We will make such arrangements with you in advance.

Sale Pricing & Promotional Offers

From time to time, Steelys may offer discounted products, sale prices, close-outs, and other promotions. Special discount offers, including on sale products, may not be combined with any other offers. Promotional offers may not be combined with other sales, offers, custom quotations, direct manufactured and imported items or product requests beyond listed quantities, and are not valid on past purchases. Contact us for more information.

Copyright Information

The information and arrangement of the Steelys websites consist of copyrighted material solely owned by Steelys Drinkware, Steelys Straws, its parent company, Eco Imprints, Inc., and their affiliates, or is used with expressed consent.

The products shown on our website that contain graphics, logos, or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the graphic reproduction capabilities of the factories and printers with whom we work. The individuals shown on our website who are using or posing with our products are shown only to represent typical users of our products and the type of customers with whom we work. The illustration of any trademark on products featured on our website or marketing materials does not constitute any endorsement by the owner of that trademark of Steelys, and does not constitute any endorsement by Steelys on behalf of the owner of said trademark or design. The individuals featured on our website or marketing materials do not constitute an endorsement on behalf of these individuals of Steelys products. All trademarks, slogans, text, logos, individuals, or likenesses represented, referred to or used in this site are property of their respective owners.

You may use the information on this website for your personal use in learning more about the principles of sustainability and Zero Waste philosophies, in evaluating our products and services, or in placing an order on this site and for no other purposes. No text, materials, photos, images, icons or graphics from this site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means without our prior written permission and clear attribution to Steelys and/or Steelystraws.com. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Any unauthorized use of the materials appearing on this site may violate U.S. and international copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

Health, Safety and Sustainability Data

Beyond information on our products and services, this website presents notes, data and observations on a range of issues related to health and sustainability. As Zero Waste advocates, one of our broader goals is to educate and inform buyers and the general public as to why it’s important to consider product options that reduce the use of single-use plastic and other waste. For example, we have included website sections on the growing challenges of the landfill waste produced globally; the health and environmental risks of excessive plastic production and consumption; the benefits of stainless steel material vs. other materials; and the principles of Zero Waste product solutions. We have also provided information on health and safety risks of chemicals found in many types of plastics. While we strive to provide this information in a balanced and accurate way, we rely on information and data from trusted third party sources in the news media, government, private sector, and non-profit sectors. Evaluating information on health and sustainability issues related to various products and materials can be a complicated — and even controversial — process. We recognize that there is not full consensus on these issues among health and science professionals. There is always more to learn in these areas, and more up-to-date research studies, reports, and facts emerging. Our approach is to offer the best available data and information our customers need to make the most informed and responsible product sourcing decisions. While we hope visitors to this site find it useful and enlightening, we are not scientists or doctors, so this information is not intended to be professional advice beyond our informed and carefully researched opinion. All health matters require medical supervision, and the information we present is not meant as a substitute for consulting with a qualified medical professional. In some areas covering technical data or reports, we have hyper-linked to additional sources of information that provide further detail or analysis. We will continue to update this information as more timely and relevant data becomes available. If we have presented any information that you wish to critique or correct, we welcome your feedback at info@steelysdrinkware.com.


When an order is manufactured to a customer’s specifications, the customer shall hold Steelys and its affiliates harmless from any liability for trademark, patent or copyright infringements, proprietary rights violations, invasion of privacy or other personal or intellectual property rights infringements or violations. All materials submitted by the customer for use by the factory to produce items ordered will be considered by the factory to be in full compliance with all applicable laws in regards to trademark, service mark, copyright, patent, or similar protection, and the customer has all of the legal rights and authorizations to grant factory a limited license for the express purpose of reproducing such materials on the products. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide appropriate legal lines to Steelys for inclusion in the art.

Sample Policy

We try to offer samples whenever possible, but during periods of heavy demand, we may not have the time and human resources to handle sample requests. As such, sending out samples is at our discretion. We stand behind the quality of our product. We provide very detailed written and visual product specifications, and we include high-quality photos of our products in the “photo gallery” section of each individual product page — expressly to give customers a better sense of our product quality, attributes and appearance. When we are able to send a sample, it does allow you to test the straw and eliminate any questions or concerns about quality, performance, and size. When we are able to provide samples, our policy is to provide sample at cost plus shipping and applicable tax, and we will credit customers for any sample charges if they lead to a formal order within 30 days. If you provide us with a credit card we will ship the item(s) to you immediately and charge your card. Please note that sampling may extend the delivery schedule, by adding additional time necessary to ship you samples before you confirm your order.

Payment Terms & Credit Policy

All Payments are Processed to our Parent Company, Eco Imprints, Inc.:
Steelys Straws and Steelys Drinkware are exclusive brands and product lines of Eco Imprints, Inc. Payments for any Steelys Straws or Steelys Drinkware orders will be paid to — and processed by — Eco Imprints, Inc., which is the parent company for Steelys brand products.

Pre-payment is standard Policy for Steelys Drinking Straw Orders:
Because we specialize in bulk steel straw orders, and straws that are custom imprinted to our customers’ specifications, our standard policy is to require advance payments for all orders. Our customers can pay us in advance using one of the following payment methods:

Credit Card — VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card

Prepayment check, certified check, or bank wire transfers

Your advanced payment (options above) will permit prompt production and/or shipping of your order. Payment will need to include any related imprint set up costs, freight charges, customs and duties charges, and sales tax charges (for deliveries to California), as applicable.

Established Customers Who Wish to Obtain Credit Terms with Steelys:
With some recurring customers, or some larger institutional buyers who meet certain criteria, we will allow the establishment a credit line, after an initial order or for larger orders over 10,000 units.

If you have recurring orders or wish to establish a business account credit with our company, you can request our credit application so we can formally consider potential terms for you. A copy of our credit application will be emailed to you (.pdf format). After your first order, and if your credit application is approved, you may then order merchandise and be billed when your products ship. Credit applications typically take approximately 10-15 business days for approval, depending on our current administrative workload. If you are approved for credit terms, your invoices will be sent when goods are being shipped. Upon receipt of the invoice, our standard payment terms policy is net of invoice at 10 days, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Our prices are based on receiving payment within these terms. Your assistance in maintaining a current balance will be greatly appreciated so that Steelys may continue to offer the best value to our customers.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about our policies and procedures that are not covered on this website, please contact us anytime at 415-558-8839 or info@SteelysDrinkware.com.