How Do I clean my Reusable Steel Straws?

Cleaning and reusing is relatively easy. Please see our Straw Cleaning Instructions for more detailed information. Our reusable straws are dishwasher safe and can easily be hand washed in warm or hot soapy water. Cleaning brushes are also available for reusable straws. Brushes are not always needed for cleaning, but they’re especially useful if you’re drinking heavier or blended beverages that might leave pulp or residue inside the straw. We offer straw cleaning brushes in bulk, and you can also buy cleaner brushes individually at many variety stores.

How long will it take until I receive my Steelys Straw Order?

Our standard production and delivery time for a custom-printed straw order is about 20 days after order confirmation and approval of the digital proof. We also offer quick ship blank or pre-printed product for some of our straw styles, as indicated on the individual product pages of this website. These blank or pre-printed straws ship from our offices in San Francisco, and usually ship within 2 days or order approval and confirmation. They typically ship using USPS priority mail, which usually delivers anywhere in USA within about 4 days of shipment, depending on delivery location.

Do your steel straws have a metallic taste?

Our polished stainless steel straws are made of 18/8 stainless steel. They are rust and scratch proof and provide a generally a very clean neutral taste that will not affect your beverage flavor. However, some individuals may be more sensitive to taste than others.

Is the width of your straws the same diameter as disposable straws found at most restaurants?

We offer several different dimensions, lengths and styles of drinking straws. Our standard straw size is .24” wide x about 8.5” long. See our Straw Size Chart to learn more.

Most disposable straws distributed at restaurants have a relatively thin diameter of about .24” wide. This is our “standard” straw diameter. The .24” width works well for most beverages and is thin enough to fit into the sip-through straw hole of virtually any tumbler lid. We also offer a .32” diameter “Wide Straw” which is a slightly wider tube than our standard straw; a .36” diameter “Smoothie Straw” that is perfect for thicker blended beverages; and a super-wide .48” diameter “Boba Straw” designed to easily suck up the tapioca balls at the bottom of Bubble Tea drinks. Our Smoothie Straws and Boba Straws were designed to specifically match the diameter and length of wasteful single-use disposable plastic straws you would typically find at Smoothie cafes or Boba shops.

Is the length of your straws the same height as disposable straws found at most restaurants?

We offer several different lengths, dimensions and styles of drinking straws. Our standard straw size is about 8.5” long x .24” wide. See our Straw Size Chart to learn more.

Most disposable straws distributed at restaurants have a length of about 8.5”. This is our “standard” straw length. We have found that the 8.5” length works for the majority of cup heights, which usually do not exceed 6” tall for an 18 oz serving size. The “bend” of our standard bent straws start at about 6”, and most users prefer the bend to be start at or above the cup rim height. If you have a taller or higher capacity tumbler or cup, which might measure up to about 8” tall, we suggest requesting one of our longer bent or straight straw options. Our standard 8.5” length straw will work for taller tumblers, but most users prefer more clearance from the top of the cup rim to the tip of drinking straw. We also offer a cocktail straw designed specifically to fit shorter cups and tumblers, which measures about 5” long x .24” diameter, and is preferred by some of our customers who serve smaller capacity drinks at bars, restaurants and cafes.

Do you offer wider straws for thicker drinks?

Yes, we offer Smoothie and Boba size straws for thin, milkshake-like smoothies or boba drinks. See our straw size chart for more info. .

Can I Bend my reusable Steelys Straw?

Currently we only offer stainless steel straws that won’t bend like some traditional plastic single-use straws. If you prefer a drinking straw with a bend to it, we do offer both straight and bent straws in several different diameters.

What if I can’t find the type of reusable steel drinking straw that I want on your website?

If you don’t find the type or finish of reusable steel straw you want, just contact us with your specifications and we will give you a custom bid, including minimums and production timeline. The straws featured on our website are the most popular and preferred straw sizes, based on industry trends and feedback from our broad customer base. However, unlike other suppliers, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture just about any type of reusable steel straw in bulk, as long as it meets our minimum order requirements for custom manufacturing. Because we design and manufacture our own straws, we are constantly developing new styles and are usually able to make straws that meet any specifications.

What do I do if I have a question that you have not answered here or that I can’t find covered on your website?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us directly via email at info@steelysdrinkware.com, or by calling our office directly at 415-558-8839. We’ll continue to update this FAQ as more questions or relevant issues emerge.